“Heed well my words, for I am Mentor, Guardian of Loretome. I will tell you of times passed, of darker days when the Empire was saved against all hope. For I fear the darkness is about to return…”
“The sinister forces of Zargon, the Evil Sorcerer, had swept all before them. At the sight of the Black Banner and the massed hordes of chaos, even the bravest warriors of the Empire had fled, the land was laid to waste, and all men despaired.”
“There then came a mighty warrior prince from the Borderlands – Rogar the Barbarian. He bore a glittering diamond on his brow – The Star of the West. Hope returned and men flocked to his standard, leaving their hiding places in the hills and forests. Other great heroes joined him: Durgin, the fearless Dwarven warrior from the World’s Edge Mountains. Ladril the Elvin fighter mage from distant Athelorn. Telor the Wizard, whose sorcery was to save Rogar on many occassions.”
“For many years Rogar trained his army, being careful to avoid open battle with Zargon’s army until all was ready. He ever harried the Chaos supply lines and wiped out countless Orcs and Goblins.”
“Then came the day for which Rogar had waited. His army had grown and was well practiced. Camping in the High Passes, Ladril saw the Black Hosts from afar and bade Durgin blow the call to arms on his mighty horn. Rogar’s army poured down upon the enemy from two sides and battle was joined. Many foul creatures and good men persihed that day. Yet, as the light of day faded, it was Darkness that fled the field. But the victory was not absolute. Zargon and his generals excaped beyond the Sea of Claws and began to plot their revenge. Soon their plots will be ready and the Empire will have need for a new Champion.”
“You have much to learn if you are to become as great as Rogar and his companions. I will help all that I can. The book I protect – Loretome – was written when time began. All that ever was and all that ever will be is recorded in its countless pages. Through Loretome I may guide you, but I may not intervene, lest a greater evil befall the World, and the evil forces of Chaos triumph forever.”

Heroquest Campaign